Crystal Events


Nicole & Yanis

Laura and her team are professional, honest, helpful, pleasant. They are non-judgmental, they seek input for each step they take, they are mindful of costs and understand the pressures around a wedding day. We completely enjoyed Laura and had faith in her.

Her ability to understand the North American wedding tradition and the Spanish traditions really stood out.

Crystal Events was on top of everything and the guests were so amazed at the venue, we enjoyed every moment. We really can’t fully express how much we are grateful to Laura and the entire Crystal Events team, it seems nothing we say can do her justice!

Kate & David

Our wedding was magical! Thank you Laura for finding such great people to help make our wedding so special. The service providers were brilliant, and the caterers were OUTSTANDING!! The food was so fun and delicious…Thank you for making our wedding day just as we had hoped it to be!

Nadine & Colm

We have to express our sincere thanks to Crystal Events, and in particular to Laura. Everything went smoothly from the first time we met. It was a pleasure working with Laura, who was super-organized and instilled confidence every step of the way. We would certainly recommend Crystal Events to others. The fact that Laura could speak on our behalf to the service providers was great. All in all, it was very professionally organized and made our experience a pleasure. We would love to do it all again…

Emma & Colin

Crystal Events organized the day to perfection. Everything went as we wanted…our guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to! Thanks again!

Amanda & Steward

Crystal Events works incredibly hard to plan and execute the wedding. Overall, attention to detail was exceptional, service was the greatest! Laura has a lot of knowledge of sites/venues, vendors, etc…and is also open to new places and vendors. Plus, her being able to speak English, Catalan and Spanish is indispensable for Couples who are from out of town. Laura is 100% genuine, she really does care about you and your day!

Gemma & Keith

Keith and myself just wanted to say thank you so much to Crystal Events for everything! You are an absolute joy Laura! Thank you for making our dreams come true!

Charlotte & Nico

Crystal Events worked hard to understand and provide our expectations. The friendly and flexible service that they provided put us at ease in a city where so much might go wrong. Laura has been both professional and such a lovely person to work with who made our day just as it should be…The most special day of our young lives!

Jennifer & Anthony

We would like to thank Crystal Events for planning the wedding we have always wanted. Thank you.

Karisma & Alex

We had such a great time at our wedding! We are so grateful for your help and guidance during this past year we couldn’t have done it without you!

Michelle & Pere

Thank you Laura, our wedding day was perfect!

Jolly & Jordi

Crystal Events kept us sane during the planning of our 2 weddings, both the Hindu and the Civil wedding. We really needed a planner that would be able to find ways to accommodate every last detail. We gave Crystal Events a ring and we are so glad we did! Laura and her team were completely incredible and planned both of our weddings to perfection…We could not have asked for more!

Muci & Chern

Thank you for your help in organising our day in San Sebastian, we were very grateful in your assistance to bringing it all together! All our friends, family and Chern and I had such a great time throughout the ceremony and reception, thanks again!