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Choose a wedding planner

Laura and team working with Florist La Floreria
Top tips to choosing the RIGHT wedding planner

In the globalized world that we live in today – more and more dominated …

Tips to choosing the right Wedding planner in Barcelona

Wedding planning has been growing at a steady pace in Spain. On the contrary as in countries such as the USA, where wedding planning is a reputable and professional career since over 20 years ago, complete with associations, certifications and other guarantees that help a Couple filter out the reliable planners from the not-so-reliable ones…

The importance of having a professional wedding planner

Many Couples often find that planning a wedding in Barcelona – or anywhere in Spain – can be frustrating due to the difficulties in liaising with service providers…

Tips to find the right Wedding Planner

How to choose a wedding planner? How do I know which one is right for us? This video is filled with tips to find the right Wedding Planner for your wedding – whether you are having a destination wedding or wedding right at home. Enjoy!