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How using different filters change the look of a photo
Tips to using Pinterest photos as Wedding Inspiration

When a newly engaged Couple begins researching ideas and inspiration for their wedding, many …

Top 2015 Wedding Colors

One of the most important things to organize for your wedding is your color scheme. For some couples, this is one of the first things they confirm. However, we are sure many of you are still trying to decide…

Top 2015 Wedding Themes

One of the first decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding is deciding if you are having a theme…

Top 2015 Wedding Trends

As the days are starting to get slightly lighter our minds are starting to wander to our favorite time of year-wedding season. So what can we expect to see trending for weddings in 2015?

Tips to Choosing your Reception Décor
Tips to Choosing your Reception Décor

Once your date is set the exciting and chaotic process of actually planning your wedding begins. A million and one decisions must be made, one of them being your reception décor.

The Top Wedding Colors and Themes of 2014

When planning your wedding it is important to decide on a theme and/or a color scheme in order to ensure you have some sort of organization and your big day doesn’t look like an array of finger painting.