Spain is a country rich in history and with a very diverse climate and terrain. We have beautiful mountain ranges, deserts, mile-long beaches and ski resorts, all within a day’s drive. The same is true of our architecture. Catalonia, the heart of Spain’s economy, and home to beautiful Barcelona, has some of the most breathtaking architecture, and it is not just limited to Modernist buildings like Sagrada Familia or Casa Batlló: there are stunning Castles, jaw-dropping rustic wedding venues by the sea, majestic Palaces and historic Lodges that are fit for the most luxurious of destination weddings. The list is long and varied, but for today we’re listing our top choices of Wedding Venues in Barcelona:

 Xalet del Nin:

Located in the heart of the winery area of Catalonia, this beautiful seafront wedding venue was built on the ruins of Adarró, an Ibero-Roman villa dating back from the V and I century BC. A fossilized grapevine was found on this venue´s gardens, which confirmed that this location was one of the first Roman towns that traded with wine.

The current building, with over 3000m2 of gardens with sea views, is a stunning Modernist building designed by Josep Font I Gumà, contracted in early XX century by the Ferrer Nin family to create a comfortable, elegant home for their large family.

This Spanish wedding venue was renovated to accommodate weddings and other private events, maintaining the original design and essence. The ceremony can be held in the lateral garden with sea views, making for the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. It has a glass-walled pavilion where the wedding reception can be held, and boasts air conditioning – a very important item in this warm region of Spain!

Modernist Barcelona Wedding Venue Xalet del Nin

Modernist Wedding Venue Xalet del Nin

Castell de Sant Marçal:

This historic Castle is another gem of a wedding venue in Spain. Its origins date back to the XI century, when the first documents mention the Church that sit on this property.  The home of a Count, this venue has been in the same family for over 7 generations. The current owner is the XXII Marquis of Cerdanyola.

The venue has lush gardens that will bring to mind the gardens of the French Versailles Castle. With over 1 acre of land, this Castle boasts romantic gardens fit for a Queen, beautiful landscaped areas to host the ceremony and a balcony perfect for dining al fresco. The interior spaces of this venue have been renovated with style and can fit up to 500 guests for a luxurious affair that will be unforgettable for all.

Barcelona Wedding Venue Castell de Sant Marçal

Ceremony set-up in the lush gardens of the stunning Castell de Sant Marçal

 Bell Recó:

This building is one the most recently built, but is one of our favorite wedding venues in Barcelona. It was built as a summer home for one of the bourgeois Catalan families and was inaugurated in 1952.

Built on a tiered property, the home is located on the top level. Its interiors have been designed using granite and wood, and they are the key decorative elements throughout the home. The owners, art lovers, commissioned a cupula to be painted by Josep Maria Sert, done on fabric in Paris and transported to Bell Reco. The venue also boasts artwork by the painter Jose Obiols Palau, the interior decorator Labarta and the gardens designed by Joan Mirambell.

The property boasts magical spaces for the ceremony, such as the pond garden with views of the arches and façade of the building, the lateral garden with the waterfall and the stunning interiors, which have been frequently rented out for TV and Movie shoots.

Barcelona Wedding Venue Bell Reco

Beautiful outdoor reception for a Persian Wedding at Bell Recó

 El Convent de Blanes:

This rustic seaside venue was originally built, as the name specifies, as a Convent. In 1583, it became the home of Capuchin Monks and sits atop a massive cliff overlooking the sea which is named “la Punta de Santa Anna” and marks the start of the beautiful Costa Brava.

With stone walls and archways, this location is a romantic backdrop for a destination wedding by the sea. With over 5000m2 of gardens and a 180° view of the sea, it will be difficult to decide which space is the most fascinating for a wedding: the ceremony area with the stone steps leading down from the home; the porch area with greenery and trees or the interior area with arches and views of the romantic cloisters.

Barcelona Wedding Venue El Convent de Blanes

Impressive ceremony spot with views of the Mediterranean Sea at El Convent de Blanes

 La Baronia:

Last but not least, this wedding venue in Spain is a hidden treasure located in an area overlooked by most foreigners. Nestled in the mountainside, this historic building was erected on Can Bosch, a rustic farmhouse.

The new building dates back from early XX century and was designed in the modernist style by one Antoni Gaudi’s acolytes, Joan Rubió I Bellver. The interiors are the home of priceless artwork, tapestries, sculptures and furniture from the Romanic and Baroque style.

During the civil war, the family temporarily donated their home, which was used as a military hospital and as a prison. The family regained their home after that period, lovingly renovating it and rebuilding everything that had been damaged; from the artisanal ceiling tiles to the floor.

This wedding venue has many different areas to choose from in which to host your wedding: the pergola with views over the mountainside, the porch with the façade of the building as the star of the show or the poolside area where you can dance the night away under the stars.

Barcelona Wedding Venue La Baronia

Gorgeous view of the balcony at the historic venue at La Baronia