Testimonials – “Best Wedding Planners Barcelona”

Watch testimonials from our past clients right here to learn more about the wedding planning experience and what it’s like to work with Crystal Events.

From the smallest details to going above and beyond with her attentiveness, She made our special day a life dream come true. Words cannot describe how much Montse went beyond our expectations, from referring us to the perfect photographer and videographer to booking the most beautiful and elegant venue, to making sure our guests were welcomed and at ease with all their phones fully charged of course.

She made this experience one that we will always remember. We started as strangers trying to accomplish a challenging wedding in March. To now becoming one of our lifelong friend. If you are planning a wedding, engagement or getaway in Barcelona, Montse is the perfect person to contact. Thank you Montse for all you do.


“Everything was well planned, timely and accurate from the start. Quotes were being sent as requested and whatever we wanted customized was being done. ‘it’s not possible’ we’re not words ever said by these guys and it was just a pleasure having them with us. The wedding itself was more than we could have imagined and on the day Jennifer worked so hard and alleviated all responsibly from us and took control of everything.

We really see Jennifer as a friend and on the day, she was part of the family. We would love to see her again in the future. She really is a huge asset to Crystal events. If you’re serious about a destination wedding please consider these guys.”


It was the best decision of the whole wedding. I cannot imagine the weeks before the wedding and the particular day without this service. The flexibility and ease of communication have been the best point, especially as it was an international wedding, with guests from different countries and different languages……

The guests have been delighted and all have told me that they felt cared for and enjoyed the city and the wedding. Very happy have also been the mothers who have enjoyed their guests, the family and us, without any worries. I have to say it again, the best decision to have a perfect day.”


“Not to spoil the ending, but by the end of the whole process my wife and I considered Jen one of our good friends, and a person to visit when we return to the city. Jen was incredible. She wrote weekly if not biweekly emails updating us thoroughly on decisions that needed to be made, and a wealth of options……

The wedding weekend was perfection. A wedding day is special for many reasons, and at times people may look back at issues and laugh at them. However, the reality is that our weekend and actual wedding day was flawless.

The details that were accounted for extremely appreciated. Our buses timely, our exit from the hotel and venue flawless. Jen even packed our bags during the wedding so that when we left, we had everything ready to go. We sought a wedding planner that would focus on the minute elements because our thought was that a truly memorable wedding day revolves around these beautiful details. Crystal events was flawless. They allowed us to enjoy our day to the absolute maximum potential.

We will never forget the day, and alongside it the wonderful work they created for us. Crystal events is pure class and there will be only wonderful memories that surrounds them.”


Thanks to Crystal Events and our dear friend Nuria, our wedding was truly a dream come true!! It was above and beyond what we ever could have hoped or wished for and that is because of Crystal events and their amazing staff and suppliers….. Nuria was always there for us, no matter what day or what time and she was always one step ahead of us!!! If we had a question, Nuria had the answer!! if we asked to have something done, Nuria would already have it done!! 🙂
Every time we visited Barcelona, Nuria had every moment planned to perfection to ensure that we got the most out of our time there!
In particular as we are from Ireland and were getting married in Barcelona we were warned by other people that there was a lot of paperwork and this might be quite difficult but with the help of Nuria this was a piece of cake!! Nuria held our hands every step of the way for over a year and when the wedding day finally arrived we didn’t have to worry about a thing and we both enjoyed it every single second!!
We are forever indebted to Crystal events for their hard work and they know that they are welcome in Cork any time so we can show them the same hospitality that they showed us”