Costa Brava, the coastal region of northeastern Spain, is a place that you absolutely must visit some time during your life due to its “moderate climate, beautiful beaches, and charming towns”, as described by the National Geographic.

It is the perfect destination for beach lovers, it contains many historical elements including both art and architecture, it consists of a multitude of diverse towns, and a variety of delicious food that is sure to please. Costa Brava can appeal to an abundance of people due to all it has to offer.


Costa Brava is located within the province of Girona, and is divided up in two areas: Alt Empordà, the northern portion, and Baix Empordà, the southern portion of Costa Brava. Baix Empordà is an enchanting area with much ground to explore as it is very countryside with never ending flat plains. Alt Empordà is known for its outstanding geographical location in the most northeastern area of the Iberian Peninsula where sea meets mountain. Both of these areas rely on the interesting landscape of the Empordà, making it such a unique setting because of its contrasting lands. 

Tossa de Mar, Calella de Palafrugell, Begur and Cadaqués, to name just a few, are historic fishermens’ villages with a great deal of history within them. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea they offer a wide variety of activities allowing you to explore all of the landscapes, beaches, monuments, and stunning coves that are characteristic of this region. There are plenty of festivities to join in on in order to soak up the most culture you can, such as fairs, markets, fiestas, and ancient traditions. As well as plenty of sporty ventures such as skydiving, scubadiving, mountain biking, hiking, golfing, football, paddle, tennis and sailing – there is something for everyone to enjoy!


The beautiful Costa Brava is also home to El Celler de Can Roca, a family oriented, creative Catalan eatery that has been awareded 3 prestigious Michelin stars and was named the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant Magazine in 2013. It was opened by three brothers who all share a love for food and cooking, and even as it’s become such a prestigious restaurant they still aim to maintain a family atmosphere as they provide the finest cuisine. The Roca brothers aim to evoke emotion out of guests from all the passion they pour into their dishes, to them food is art – this restaurant is a must for all foodies out there. 


Along with these, Costa Brava also includes Peretallada, a medieval walled town with its own castle, cobbled streets and the most romantic of atmospheres. Peretallada carries such a historical essence it’s like going back in time. It is only a few streets in size, with pretty cobbled streets and elegant ancient homes. It also boasts an array of dining distinct to the area, mountains and sea. Peretallada has such an archaic charm about it, it is truly a unique experience.


Fascinating artist Salvador Dali´s museum is also located in Figueres, Spain, allowing a very surrealistic visit for guests. His museum boasts his striking pieces and captures the nature of Dali and all of his intriguing work. Everything in it was a design of Dali himself; it encompasses his exclusive world entirely. Even the least art savvy individual can´t help but be captivated by this rare experience. And for all art lovers out there, you can even schedule a guided tour of Dali’s home in Port Lligat, just a few kilometers from Figueres, where you will get to see his studio, where the views from his window will be sure to remind you of many of his paintings. 


Not only does Costa Brava offer unlimited tourist attractions, it also provides a great deal of culture and a fun, liberated, relaxed environment that is perfect for bettering mind, body and soul. It is the perfect area to show you a little taste of Spain and Spanish culture. From beaches, ancient towns, and historic museums to extreme sports and haute cuisine, the coastal region of northeastern Spain has plenty of adventure to offer.  It can offer such a wide variety of activities, with such personal experiences that each individual can leave with a very different outtake from their time in Spain.