Destination Spotlight: El Garraf! El Garraf is an area made of the towns of Sitges, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Sant Pere de Ribes, Cubelles, Olivella and Canyelles. Due to its beautiful weather and contemporary roads it makes for a popular tourist site. Because of its geographical location, between the stunning sea and picturesque plains, it has a vast variety of landscapes making it quite unique. It is full of fine beaches, a nautical station, nature reserves, a culture of wine, and immense history within its borders. El Garraf contains so many extraordinary facets it’s hard not to be completely captivated.

Dreamy modern villa with gorgeous coastal views

Dreamy modern villa with gorgeous coastal views in Sant Pere de Ribes

The enchanting coast of El Garraf has continued to be the most alluring point of this area. Because of the impressive location it allows for an even more impressive coast, with tall cliffs, small coves, fine sand, and calm shallow water. In addition to just enjoying a regular beach day, the nautical station offers many activities through specialized companies ensuring the best and safest experience. These activities include but are not limited to sailing, kayaking, surfing, and charter boats. The beaches of El Garraf provide the ultimate sea life adventures in only the most breathtaking waters.

Beautiful coast of El Garraf

Beautiful coast of El Garraf

Another perk of its unique geographical location is all of the natural architecture that has mapped itself out overtime. In order to protect these nature reserves many parks, such as the parks of El Garraf, Olèrdola and El Foix, have been set up where you can observe and soak up all of the beauty. These parks offer many outdoor activities such as guided tours, horseback riding, star gazing, bird watching, and bicycling allowing you to really embrace the nature and its history. There are also historical monuments within this setting that date back to medieval times and the renaissance era. So much history is being preserved within these parks, El Garraf is like an open museum stemming from romanticism and Catalan modernism. The area has many comprehensive paths making it the perfect place for adventure.

hills of Garraf hills

The rolling lush green hills of the Garraf National Park.

With grapevines being one of the main crops up until the late 19th century, this area is well known for its wine and cava. Currently, the area has been revamping its crops after the Catalan vineyards were wiped out by a plague. Now it is back to producing delicious wine and cava, El Garraf has been partaking in winery for over 2000 years. In order to really understand the work that is put into these products and develop a deeper appreciation, El Garraf offers the opportunity to visit the wine cellars and vineyards. Wine continues to be a huge part of this area and its culture.

Couple in vineyard

Vineyards make the perfect spot for your couple photos!

El Garraf is genuinely such an exclusive destination because of all of its diverse attributes. It can provide such a cultured Catalan experience and allow complete submersion into such a peacefully natural atmosphere. Through its historical heritage and marvelous beaches, El Garraf is a stunning area with excellent charm.

Villa in El Garraf

El Garraf has a vast section of beautiful venues to host your destination wedding such as this picture perfect villa!

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