Elope in Spain: Best Places to Elope in Spain

Today we explore the best places to elope to in Spain, and how to plan your elopement, in the hope of inspiring your own Iberian adventure! Because there are so many wonderful, and intimate locations to tie the knot in across the whole of Spain, and its islands. Plus there’s equally magical places for you celebrate, and honeymoon in, post-nuptials.

What is an Elopement?

For many people, the idea of an elopement is a fairly new concept. But it has, in fact, been around for centuries, and if you ask your parents about it, they’ll probably have a different view on it than you! Previously in the UK, an elopement involved running away from your respective families, and travelling up to Gretna Green in Scotland, where you could tie the knot in secret over an anvil! Thankfully these days an elopement means something quite different, and is much more of a celebration of each other, rather than an escape plan. In 2021, an elopement is simply a very small wedding, often comprised of just the couple, and maybe a handful of friends or family, no more than 20.

Elopement in the heart of Barelona

Elopement in the heart of Barelona

Elope or Wedding in Spain

The beauty of choosing to elope in Spain, or anywhere, is that you have complete control over your big day. Meaning you can choose to blow the whole budget on an epic trip for the two of you, or keep things simple, yet sentimental. All without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings! This is the plus side, and if you’re not a family person, or you love the idea of simply running away together, then planning to elope to Spain will be perfect for you. However, a lot of couple’s dream of their wedding day for many years, and endlessly plan it in their minds. And often that vision is one surrounded by hundreds of loved ones. If that’s you, then consider if a wedding with 20 people or fewer is right for you.

If you’re still undecided, stick around. As we dive deeper into our elope in Spain guide, we’ll touch on the other main differences between an elopement vs a traditional wedding.

Legally Okay to Elope in Spain?

Paperwork and legalities are rarely fun. But when planning to elope to Spain, you must consider the reality before you start looking for the best places to tie the knot. Of course, if you consider our services as wedding planners in Spain, we will be able to organise all paperwork for you. However, there are some things that even we can’t do.

As a non-resident, you cannot legally marry in Spain. Unless your partner is a resident, and they need to have been living in the country for over 2 years, or they are a Spanish national. If you are Catholic however, and you wish to have a religious ceremony, you can legally elope to Spain, with no resident requirements. There is a lot of paperwork involved, which needs to be notarised, translated and presented well in advance of your elopement. Which of course, our team at Crystal Events will take care of on your behalf.

Our suggestion, if you do not want a religious ceremony, is to get into the spirit of eloping, and celebrate with a symbolic ceremony. This is the option most couples chose when they elope to Spain, as it offers a much more freeing experience and allows you to create a wholly unique exchange of vows, and backdrop it wherever you choose! All you need is an officiant and a photographer to capture some amazing shots! Just remember to legally marry back home before or after your elopement in Spain!

elope in spain

Elope in spain

Best Places to Elope To In Spain


If you’re a cosmopolitan couple who adore the city life, then Madrid could be the perfect place for you to elope to in Spain. With its buzzy nightlife, fantastic food scene and stunning blend of modern and ancient architecture – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to use Madrid as the backdrop to their big day.

The Balearic Islands

For many, the Balearic Islands means one thing, partying! But there is so much more to these islands than simply the mega clubs of Ibiza. In fact, with a little exploration, you’ll find some of the best places to elope to in Spain. From the boho chic of Formentera, to the strikingly stunning coastline of Mallorca and the desert island feel of Illa de Cabrera – there is so much to discover in these wonderful islands.


Barcelona is the home of Crystal Events, and a very special place for our wedding planners in Spain. It is, like Madrid, fast-paced and also world-renowned for its superb gastronomy. But unlike the capital, Barcelona is blessed with the truly unique work of Gaudi. His distinctive architecture is dotted throughout the city, and could serve as an unforgettable backdrop to your elopement. Your wedding photographer will love to capture your portraits in Park Güell!


Seemingly forever warm and sunny, Valencia is an idyllic place to elope to in Spain. There are so many pretty spots to say ‘I do’ in the city, and equally majestic places in the countryside surrounding it – so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to venue hunting! Plus, you’ll be able to capture some iconic wedding photography while taking a walk along the river flowing through the city. The scenery on its banks are an eclectic mix of botanical, tropical and ultra-modern, culminating in the world-famous City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias). An unforgettable building that looks so otherworldly!


The province of Galicia is home to many untouched beaches, incredible seafood and some of the most stunning natural backdrops you could imagine. Choosing to elope to this part of Spain will certainly gift you privacy and calm, surrounded by endless water views and rustic architecture.

When to Elope in Spain?

If you’re not too concerned about the weather, technically you can elope to Spain all year round, as the climate is generally mild. However, if sunny days are a must, then it’s advisable to book between April and October, with June being the peak sunshine-wise. Our Spanish summer is long, and normally dry, but it is important to understand that Spain is a relatively large country, and the weather can differ throughout the regions. So make sure to check with your wedding planner in Spain the best times to visit for your chosen part of the country.

There is one place that we haven’t mentioned so far in this guide, and this island offers the best all-year-round weather in Spain, Gran Canaria. Located off the coast of Africa, this beautiful island benefits from over 300 sunny days a year! Meaning your dream elopement to Spain can happen whenever you choose!

How Much Does It Cost to Elope in Spain?

One of the major benefits of an elopement is cost. The budget is for you, and your VIP’s, meaning you can go all out with the choices you make.

Obviously, however big or small your wedding is, there are certain costs that need to be clearly defined in your budget. And honestly, we believe a destination wedding planner in Spain should be number one on that list. Because you will need to book a trusted venue, photographer (and/or videographer), hotel/s and officiant for your big day. And by using a service such as Crystal Events, you will be saving money in the long run because we will work out the best deals for you, and avoid any untrustworthy businesses. Alongside handling all the logistics, breaking any language barriers and generally making sure that you can truly relax on your big day! A wedding planner may feel like an extra expense initially, but when planning a wedding abroad you will quickly find it is a necessary booking.

For a more accurate impression of cost please contact our expert wedding planners in Spain, and they’ll be able to advise.

Invest In Us, and We’ll Plan Your Dream Elopement in Spain

We hope we have inspired your plans to elope to Spain! It would be an honour if we could go one step further, and join you on your elopement journey. The Crystal Events team are expert destination wedding planners with experience in planning all types of nuptials across mainland Spain and its islands. Together we’ll realise your big day vision, and then take care of every single detail, ensuring it’s exactly as you dreamed your destination wedding in Spain would be. Please don’t hesitate to have a browse of our portfolio of past weddings, and find out more about our planning services. We look forward to hearing from you & creating your dream wedding in Spain.

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