Barcelona can provide the perfect backdrop to your magical Hindu wedding in Spain and is becoming increasingly popular with couples choosing to travel to this stunning city from all over the world to celebrate their beautiful wedding.

Hindu wedding by the sea in Sitges

Hindu destination wedding in Casa del Mar, Sitges

Hindu weddings can be an extravagant, colorful affair ranging from 2 days to even a 7-day celebration with the wedding itself lasting three days. It is important to note that Catholic weddings are the only legally recognised ceremony in Spain, therefore on your return to, or prior to, your Barcelona wedding, all the legal paperwork and signing of papers must be completed in your country of residence. However, this allows you to choose to hold your Hindu ceremony in the place of your choice and allows you to completely personalize your wedding without being restricted.

As Barcelona is a multicultural destination, there are culinary options available for every taste. There are catering companies who provide primarily Hindu food for those couples and their guests who follow the Hindu diet strictly, while other catering companies can provide different variations of traditional Indian dishes or even local Catalan food. 

With regards to decoration, Barcelona can not only provide a beautiful backdrop for the celebrations to take place, but with year-round sunshine it means all the bright colors that Hindu weddings are known for can be enjoyed in beautiful sunlight. Barcelona boasts an extensive range of florists that can cater to your needs whether that be for the flowers for the Jaimala ceremony or for the Mandap. They ensure everything is bright, fun and colorful reflecting the couples’ needs and desires while reflecting the Hindu traditions.

Mehndi artists play an important role in the bride´s preparation and there are several Henna artists who are based in the city and can create these beautiful works of art for the bride and her female friends and family members.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly for some couples, is the reception. Hindu wedding receptions are all about fun and Barcelona can cater for this boasting several Indian DJ´s providing the perfect mix to make sure that the dance floor is never empty. This can range from a frenzied Punjab folk dance to contemporary Western hits to keep everyone happy and on the dance floor.

Barcelona has a lot to offer as a wedding destination. Why not make this the top choice for your beautiful Hindu wedding.

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Photo credit: Andrea Ferara Photography