Feel relaxed, composed and looking amazing with our simple tips for your engagement photography session in Spain.


Today we share our top tips on how to prepare for your engagement photo shoot in Barcelona! As experienced luxury wedding planners based in Barcelona, we have arranged countless engagement photo shoot sessions all over Spain. But those shoots in Barcelona, remain our forever favourites! The romance, the architecture and the vibrancy of this city never fails to create amazing engagement photography.

But why do you need an engagement photo shoot in Barcelona, or anywhere else for that matter? There are many reasons, but in our experience, the main one is being able to foster a relationship between photographer, and couple. Because not only does he or she need to understand the personalties of you as a partnership. But also, you need to understand how your photographer works, and become comfortable in their presence. After all, they’re going to be following you around on your wedding day, so it’s important you feel as though they’re not a stranger. Also, an engagement photo session in Barcelona is a lovely way to explore the city! Massive added bonus.

In order to get you ready for your engagement photo shoot, our Barcelona wedding planners got their collective heads together and came up with these top tips.

Engagement Photo Shoot Preparation Tips

What is your shoot location?


When thinking about where to stage your shoot, it’s important to consider what kind of couple you are. Don’t plan a backdrop that will impress your friends, pick a place (or places) that actually reflects you both. For instance, do you both love to feel warm sand under your toes? Then plan a shoot around Barceloneta, and its much-loved beaches. This area may be crowded during the day, and into the evening. But arrange your session for Golden Hour (an hour after sunrise), and you’ll find so many pretty places to shoot from.


Couple engagment photography session Choose a shoot location which reflects what kind of couple you are. Photo by Biyani Photography [/caption]

What Will Be the Overall Look & Feel be for your photo shoot


If you’re planning a destination wedding in Barcelona, you probably already know just how varied the city is vibe-wise. Walking through Gotico for instance, gifts you with this surreal sense of history, and a very imposing backdrop. Whereas, Park Guell offers a very light, colourful and vibrant scene for you to explore. If you’re stuck, our advice as wedding planners would be to make a mood-board of all the places in Barcelona you’ve seen and adored. Then write some short notes against each one, briefly explaining why you chose it. That way your engagement photographer, or wedding planner can better understand what you like, and in turn effortlessly create the right feel for your shoot.

Romantic engagmenet photo shoot in Parc Ciutadella

Think about the overall look and feel for your photo shoot in Barcelona. Work with your wedding planner and photographer to find locations which works for the vibe you are looking for! Photo by Andrea Ferrara Photography

Get Your Hair & Make Up Prepared Professionally


Hairstylists and beauty professionals tend to offer a free trial day in the lead up to a wedding. This is to ensure that you’re happy with the overall look, and also, so they know what’s needed on the day. Use this to your advantage, and plan it for the day of your engagement photo shoot in Barcelona! That way, you look incredible, feel amazing, and you get to know your beauty team before your nuptials!


Make-up artist applying lipstick before engagement photo shoot in Barcelona. Photo by Andrea Ferrara Photography

 Wear Something That Feels Like You

If you’re not comfortable during your engagement photo session, you’re not going to be pleased with the results. And your clothes are a massive factor in your comfortability. If you choose items that are too tight, clingy or uncomfortable – then you’ll end up spending the whole session being bothered by them. Plan ahead, and wear a winner.

Couple in front of Barcelona Cathedral

Wear clothes that you and your partner feel comfortable in! Plan ahead, and wear a winner. Photo by Biyani Photography

Steam Your Outfit

We had to give this its own section, because it’s that important! When you’re walking around doing your daily chores, it doesn’t matter if your clothes have a few wrinkles. But when you’re being photographed, those lines and creases are suddenly very obvious. And your photographer is not going to be too happy with you, if he or she has to photoshop out all those wrinkles! So save yourself, and your poor photographer some stress, and steam your chosen outfit/s before the shoot.

 The Tourists

Around 20 million tourists visit Barcelona each year, normally…! This can mean that certain inner city areas, and landmarks get overcrowded. Parc de Montjuïc for example has so many pretty spots for your engagement photo shoot in Barcelona. But you’ll rarely be alone long enough to get a shot off, without someone popping up in the background. So as we mentioned earlier, get up early, and plan your session for around sunrise. You may hate us when that alarm goes off, but you’ll be thanking us when you see the finished results!

The Weather

As wedding planners in Spain, we are blessed with so many months of glorious sunshine. So if you’re planning an engagement photo shoot in Barcelona, the weather is one thing you can rely on. But, there are of course the winter months, when it is colder and rain does occur. And also, you may be unlucky enough to experience rain during the warmer months. So it is important to plan ahead with your photographer or wedding planner, and always consider a plan b.


Have Fun!

 If you’ve followed all the steps above, you’ll be relaxed and able to enjoy the shoot. If you’re actually having fun on camera, it makes for the best engagement photos! So just focus on each other, embrace your incredible surroundings and maybe soak up some of that local Catalan passion for romance!

We hope our team of wedding planners have prepared you for your engagement photo shoot in Barcelona! It would be an honour if we could go one step further, and join you on your wedding journey. The Crystal Events team are very experienced destination wedding planners not just in Barcelona, but all over Spain. Together we’ll realise your big day vision, and then take care of every single detail, ensuring it’s exactly as you dreamed your destination wedding in Spain would be. Please feel free to browse our portfolio of past weddings, and get in touch via our contact page. ¡Hasta luego!


Photography credits: Biyani Photography and Andrea Ferrera Photography