Have you always dreamed of getting married at a magical location, far from the bustle and hustle of your hometown, a place to be discovered, a venue that is new to all? If you are like me, and have been to the same wedding venue over and over, attending different weddings there but with the feeling that it is always the same – then a destination wedding is perfect for you! Discover more in our ultimate guide to the pros and cons of a destination wedding.


Although we are in the midst of a very uncertain period, and don’t know what the future holds for us, you don’t have to put your dreams on hold. On the contrary, this is a period of opportunities and new adventures. Staying at home and living in fear isn’t living, it’s surviving. With proper precautions and safety measures, you can still travel and enjoy life to the fullest, hosting your dream destination wedding in that Mediterranean location you’ve always dreamed of. 


Elegant wedding in historic castle near Barcelona


But before taking such a big step, let’s go through the pros and cons of having a destination wedding in Spain.

Con number 1: Covid-19

Oh, yes, Covid-19. Just reading these words make your heart fill with dread. The pandemic has made the world come to a standstill, affecting the world economy and travel in a way that has never been seen before. Certain countries have travel restrictions, others impose a quarantine to all international travelers and others don’t allow international travel altogether. Needless to say, having a destination wedding isn’t the most popular choice at the moment – but it is still the preferred choice for many Couples around the world. Why? Keep reading…

Pro number 1: An ideal time for globetrotters

If you have the travel bug, then you have experienced the thrill of planning a new trip, discovering new places, meeting new people and getting to know new cultures. Not only is travelling good for the soul, it also fosters a world society made up of tolerant, respectful people who enjoy cultural diversity and differing points of view.


Stunning spot for intimate weddings close to Barcelona

For globetrotters, the discounted rates in airfare and accommodations, coupled with a decrease in tourist visits at the world’s most visited sites, is heaven on earth. For many cities, the decrease in global tourism has “returned” the cities to their citizens. In Spain, people can walk down las Ramblas without having to zig-zag around hordes of tourists, they can enjoy paradise-like coves in La Costa Brava that had become tourist hotspots and visit Park Guell at a leisurely pace. A globetrotter’s dream!

Con number 2: Decrease in guest attendance

As we described in our article, Destination Wedding planning during Covid 19, having a destination wedding will have an impact on your guest count. There will be people who will not want to travel due to a family or health issues; there may be people who are out of work and can’t afford an international trip at the moment, and there may also be people who just don’t want to put themselves through the hassle of travelling. This doesn’t have to be all bad, though!


Stylish intimate wedding with seaviews


Pro number 2: Decrease in guest attendance

Yes, that is correct. Con number 2 is also Pro number 2. Why? If you are like many of the Couples that we’ve married in the past – or even like me – you may already be having issues with your parents and in-laws regarding the guest list. The wedding day should be about you and your fiancé; however, there are times when families feel that the celebration is also theirs and add guests to your list that you are not happy about. Perhaps you want to have a smaller wedding, only with your nearest and dearest, to celebrate your love in a more intimate fashion, but your parents want to invite the long-lost cousins who you haven’t seen since you were 6. Or perhaps you are paying for the wedding yourselves and you can only afford a wedding of 100 guests – yet your in-laws want to invite all of their friends as well, leaving you with only 2 tables of your own friends.

If this sounds familiar, a destination wedding is a perfect solution for you. You can look good in your families’ eyes by allowing them to send an invite to their friends, knowing full well that they won’t attend a destination wedding. Or you can even opt to have a destination wedding that includes only the immediate families and your friends, and when you get back home, have your families throw a party to celebrate your wedding. It’s a win-win for all!


Intimate wedding at historic castle, close to Barcelona


Con number 3: Older people will not travel

Unfortunately, having a destination wedding in Spain may imply that your grandparents will not be able to celebrate with you on your wedding day. This is truly heartbreaking, and can be a major setback for many Couples. Yet, there are ways for you to involve them on your wedding day, so they don’t miss a thing. You can have a livestream video of the ceremony, for example, so they can connect to your wedding live. On this link you can read up more on this.

Pro number 3: More value for money

A wedding in Spain is generally more affordable than a wedding back home. Even before the pandemic began, you would get more value for your money – and now, with providers itching to work, there are even more bargaining opportunities. 

Tall centrepieces by Tavola Floral Design

Elegant luxurious centerpieces by Tavola Floral Design

In this link you can have a detailed read of exactly what to expect in terms of wedding expenses for a destination wedding in Spain. To summarize, the services that are quite expensive in many other countries – such as open bars, florals, table design, etc. – are much more affordable in Spain. For example, the open bar service is generally included as part of the catering per person cost, given that alcohol is very affordable. Many flowers are locally grown, with an abundance of varieties available year-round, slashing florals costs as they don’t need to be imported. The table linens, cutlery, crockery, chairs, and all other items related to table design are also primarily included in the caterer’s per person cost, with a low additional cost payable if you choose an item that is not included in their catalog. And many other wedding services, such as photo and video, are generally much lower than in many other countries. If you are looking to have a beautiful wedding on a budget, then Spain is the perfect place for you.

Con number 4: Uncertainty

Uncertainty reigns at the moment. Making long-term plans can be difficult, and often quite daunting. When will this pandemic end? When will we get back to the “old normal”? Will the economy recover? Will our society be impacted forever? The questions are never-ending. But the cold, hard truth is that life is always uncertain. We don’t know what future awaits us, and how our lives will pan out. Every decision that we make impacts our future, and the strength of the human spirit is what makes us prevail. Putting our lives on hold because of uncertainties will make us fearful, suspicious and always expect the worst. If you have always dreamed of having a beautiful Mediterranean wedding under the sun, don’t put it on hold. Roll with the punches and see how you can make that dream happen.

Pro number 4: Sun galore!

We worked out a statistic a few years back to see precisely what the chance of rain was in Barcelona, on any given day, at any time of the year, and can you imagine what that is? 4%! Yes, on any given day of the year, the chance of rain is only 4%. That means that, regardless of the day or season that you decide to have your destination wedding, you have a 96% chance of sun! Don’t take our word for it, check out the stats for yourself on this link.

Elegant guests enjoying the Spanish sun!

Elegant guests enjoying the Spanish sun!

Can you imagine your destination wedding with sea views, or at a Castle, or a historic farmhouse in the countryside, bathed in sunlight, with your guest basking in the sun? And your costs are half than what they would be back home. And you haven’t had to invite that annoying family friend that gets drunk and always ruins your get-togethers. And you have given yourselves and your guests an experience of a lifetime that they will never forget, and will always hold dear to their hearts, even more so because you were daring enough to host a destination wedding in these trying times. Isn’t is a beautiful vision? You can make it happen, with the help of a local who will guide you step-by-step through this journey.

Ready to start planning your wedding day? Do you still have questions? Contact us! We will schedule an initial consultation with you, free of charge, and will be happy discuss your destination wedding and how we can make it happen, and create a memorable, beautiful wedding day for you and your guests.