We can arrange a Protestant Wedding Ceremony in Barcelona. In addition, we can provide you with an English-speaking priest to officiate the blessing ceremony.

Your Protestant Wedding Ceremony will not be legally valid in your country of origin. Thus, it will be necessary to arrange for the legal paperwork in your country of origin or current residence.

As the ceremony is not legally recognized, the religious blessing can be held wherever you wish allowing you to take advantage of the many beautiful spots around the country. However, if you have your heart set on a church wedding there are several options located in the major cities in Spain, including Barcelona. The Protestant church in Barcelona is perfect for those who wish to have a church ceremony. The church has the most stunning stained glass windows, which look beautiful in wedding photos. If you choose to hold your protestant wedding blessing in Barcelona it can be conducted by an English-speaking protestant minster. Ministers can also travel to different areas of Spain to perform the blessing allowing you to have your ceremony in your area of choice and not be confined to a specific geographical area. It is also common for brides to ask their protestant minster to travel to Spain to conduct their marriage blessing, making it particularly personal and special for the couple.