How to choose a wedding planner? How do I know which one is right for us? This video is filled with tips to find the right Wedding Planner for your wedding – whether you are having a destination wedding or wedding right at home. Enjoy!


Hi There! Today I’m going to talk about useful tips to help you find the right planner for your destination wedding.

Everybody knows how daunting planning a wedding can be. It can be very stressful planning a wedding at home, so planning a wedding abroad in a different country, where they speak a different language and have different customs, can make it that much more so.

That’s why so many Couples are opting to hire a wedding planner in that region.

But, what do you need to consider before committing to the wedding planner for your wedding?

Firstly consider your needs.

  • Are you going to want somebody to provide help from the moment that you get engaged up until the day of your wedding?
  • Or are you going to want somebody just to be there on the day of the wedding and liaise with the service providers that you hired on your own?
  • Or, for example, are you going to be happy having a wedding planner recommend local service providers and you discuss your wedding plans with them on your own?

Once you’ve decided on this, it will be easy to discuss your wedding plans with the wedding planners that you contact.

The second point is what is their background and experience? What is the wedding planner’s work philosophy? Is their wedding planning geared more towards creative design and making an original wedding? Is it geared more towards being a partner for you and planning your wedding as a standard? Or is it geared more towards working with you, planning the wedding, working with you, to ensure that the wedding is going to come off without a hitch in exactly the way that you want, together with helping you with all of the creative aspects of the wedding?

How many years is this wedding planner in business? Are they able to prove the experience that they have? For example, a wedding planner should be able to send you references from past Couples so that you can speak directly with them. They should be able to provide work history such as videos of weddings that they’ve done in the past, images of weddings that they’ve done in the past, and references from providers. They should be able to give you their contacts of the providers that they work closest with so that they can speak about their experience working with you as a wedding planner.

What training does the wedding planner have prior to planning weddings? What made them become a wedding planner? Does this person have experience in planning events beforehand? What motivated them to become a wedding planner? Is it something vocational?

This is very important to take into account, such as are they also professional and reliable? Are they able to answer emails promptly and thoroughly? Do their organizational skills come across when you are initially communicating with them? If you have meetings, if you have conference calls, are they punctual and are they prompt? Are they courteous and accommodating to your schedules?

Are they transparent about how their fees are calculated? Do they calculate a flat fee based on the amount of work your wedding entails? Is it an hourly rate based on the number of hours that your wedding is going to require? Or is it based on a percentage? What are the extra costs if you exceed the number of hours or the number of calls, for example, that are included in planning your wedding? It should be very important for you to know this upfront to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

In terms of your wedding specifically, are they going to be able to understand your vision? Are they willing to take your input and transform it to create your wedding vision into something that is really going to be much better than you’ve already envisioned?

Are they flexible and able to customize the services that you require based on your needs and preferences?

Can they commit to working with your wedding budget? Are they honest with you from the very beginning about the type of wedding that you’re envisioning according to the type of budget that you have? Are they able to come up with cost-saving solutions?

And most importantly, what kind of a connection do you have with the wedding planner? This is key because this person is going to be a part of your wedding and is going to be such a major part of your day, you want to be able to have somebody that you can be confident is going to be working together with you and not against you. It’s very important for you to have faith that that person is really going to be going above and beyond what is expected of the wedding planner to ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. Is this person developing a good rapport with you? I really believe that this is the main element to ensure that the wedding is going to be a complete success; that you have faith in the wedding planner that you’ve chosen. If on the contrary you don’t have that 100% confidence that should you have in your wedding planner, then I would recommend to look into other wedding planners.

That’s it for today. Tune in next week for more information about tips to plan your perfect wedding.