Your wedding day is definitely one of the most important days of your life. As you spend days, weeks, months, and sometimes years in preparation for it, the actual event will fly by in the blink of an eye. What better way to remember every incredible moment from your big day then through gorgeous photographs? Below are six tips to looking flawless in wedding portraits!


Beautiful bride´s pre-ceremony photos by Andrea Ferrara Photography

1) Lighting is a major factor in photography. It can make or break a picture depending on whether it is good or bad. The professionals recommend using as much natural light as possible and from personal experience, I concur. Depending on your venue it may be harder to find the perfect natural lit area so we suggest looking for a gorgeous outdoor scenery you would love for your photos to take place at. Of course too much of anything is never good so be sure you are not in direct sunlight as it can manipulate your facial features and cause squinting. 


2) Another huge component is your posture. Be sure to never slouch or look too stiff. We encourage you to stand up straight, push your shoulders back, angle your hips to the camera in order to appear thinner, and place your hands on your hips or loosen your arms up and hold them slightly out so they look thinner. This all sounds so robotic and posed however after practicing in a mirror you will see how the slightest things can make all the difference.

3) In every photo you want your face to look the best it possibly can. Now this is going to sound awkward, but it is foolproof. In order to capture your best angle extend your neck and tilt your chin up slightly, not too much to the point of your neck creasing just enough to avoid any double chins. It will feel weird and unnatural but you will love the way your face is photographing.


4) In addition to capturing your best facial angle, it is crucial that you try many facial expressions and show all the emotions you are feeling on such a monumental day. Everyone loves a bright smile, but be sure to switch it up so it doesn´t look like your face was copied and pasted into each picture. 

5) Prior to your wedding I´m sure you will have a list of poses you want to recreate and posed photos are beautiful but it is very important to have a photographer that is going to go the extra mile and capture candid moments as well. Often times, in the moment pictures are the best pictures because they show the truest and sincerest of emotion and can capture such carefree fun. Don´t think too hard about these images, just remember to enjoy your day and hire someone who is going to be there to capture it all, be it staged or not.


6) To go into greater detail with posing, do not try poses you are uncomfortable with because it will show through in the pictures. Of course get creative and try new things, but if you are just not feeling the pose don´t be afraid to say so. It´s your day and you are the one who is going to be looking back at these photographs forever.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your photo shoot. Don´t be afraid to get goofy, cry tears of joy, or try nontraditional arrangements. There are going to be millions of pictures so make sure they are fun to look at and truly capture what your wedding is all about.  Let your personality and the type of relationships you share with your loved ones be demonstrated in your pictures. It is your wedding so make with it what you want.

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Good luck!