Many Brides and Grooms have approached me with the same question: “What makes a wedding unique?” And I always respond: “You do”.



Yup, that’s right – You do! The Bride and Groom – you are the stars of your wedding day and your wedding will speak volumes about your personality, likes and life vision. That’s how unique a wedding can be – as unique as you!

One of my childhood friends from NYC, for example, got married in a historic, rustic venue in the countryside that is linked to the heritage of early america. They both love early american history and have a passion for everything associated with it – so, naturally, this venue was a dream come true for them.

Another girlfriend of mine from Barcelona got married to an upbeat, fun-loving man. Instead of having a very formal, posh wedding, they decided to have a BBQ wedding in the mountains. They had checkered linens, and even gave out spanish sausage (butifarra) to their guests as wedding favors!


One of the most unique weddings that I’ve ever been to was completely the opposite of what was expected of the Bride and Groom. They both have high-powered, very formals jobs and we were all expecting a grand, spectacularly formal affair. Instead, they chose to have a very intimate wedding – only the nearest and dearest were invited – at a villa just an hour outside of Barcelona, in the beautiful seaside town of Begur.


Their wedding lasted an entire 4 days rather than just the one day, since they wanted the celebration to be more about spending quality time with their close family and friends rather than just having them gathered for only only day. We were all invited to stay at the villa with them (which was great for everyone, since we got to get to know all of the other guests better before the Big Day) and were treated to a variety of events: a welcome dinner on the day of our arrival, a poolparty with mojitos and caipirinhas the next day, and a farewell paella lunch on the last day. Their wedding day was a fabulously fun affair, where the Bride and Groom really let their hair down and had a day-long celebration, which lasted until the early morning hours the following day. They had a committment ceremony which included the guests’ participation, rather than the traditional wedding ceremony, and we absolutely loved the fact that they surprised everyone with a percussion band to liven up the party.




Ultimately, you infuse your wedding with your own special uniqueness – and that is something that money just can’t buy!