Congratulations on your engagement! 

You have just entered a new phase in your life, full of magic, excitement and wonder…and lots of decisions to make!


Do you want a large wedding, a small wedding, a local wedding or a destination wedding? Ultimately, your wedding vision will be defined by the location of your wedding. 

A destination wedding has many perks: it’s a great excuse to travel, a vacation with all of your friends and family (how many times does that happen??) and, of course, the most important perk of all, a beautiful and different setting for your wedding that is sure to wow your guests!

Once you decide on having a destination wedding, it’s time to choose the destination!

Why not Barcelona?


With all that the city has to offer, it’s no wonder that Barcelona is becoming a hotspot for destination weddings. Barcelona sits right on the Mediterranean Coast, nestled in between the Sea and the Mountains. Its mild climate, together with the superb gastronomy that can be found at any run-of-the-mill restaurant, makes Barcelona an excellent choice for a destination wedding.


You can have a sophisticated urban wedding set in the historical part of Barcelona, or a relaxed informal wedding enveloped by nature. There are grand venues with beautiful interiors and exteriors within the city, and many breathtaking, historical venues with views just minutes from Barcelona city center.


Other things to consider? The sun shines almost daily!
There are various months in which rainfall is most abundant, such as April and August. You can also get some random tropical thunderstorms in early September and spring showers in early May.


With almost 2500 hours of sunshine (an average of 7 hours of sun per day), you can be fairly certain that your destination wedding in Barcelona, whether it takes place in January or in June, will be bathed in sunlight.

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Photographer Credits: Rares Pulberes Photography and Andrea Ferrara Photography