Crystal Events

We are Barcelona wedding planners specialized in planning luxurious weddings and proposals in Barcelona and throughout Spain

Crystal Events has been planning exclusive, luxurious and clearly unique Weddings in Barcelona for Couples from all over the globe since 2007.


With more than 9 years of experience, we have the key to design and execute weddings for the most demanding and luxurious of Couples, making your Wedding Day unforgettable for all. Your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come!

Crystal Events’ 2016 making-of video

We have a unique vision of weddings. Each celebration should be exceptional and breathtaking; it should be moving and astounding. To turn this vision into a reality, we not only coordinate weddings using the best venues and providers, we also design emotions, turning your wedding into an unforgettable celebration. We do not work in other areas related to event planning, guaranteeing our expertise and specialization in wedding planning, which all of our Couples benefit from.

Our philosophy, as Barcelona wedding planners, is based on the fact that a wedding is not an event – it is the most important day in the Couples’ lives, which will reflect each Couple’s personal style and unique vision about their life as they become a family.

As a confidant and an understanding partner in a foreign country, we will ensure that your dream wedding in Barcelona will become a reality. Whether it’s an intimate dinner party for 10 or a sophisticated gala for 600 guests, Crystal Events will turn each wedding into a unique and incomparable celebration.

We provide different types of wedding planning services, so you can choose the best one suited for your wedding. Our experience allows us to assist you in all phases of wedding planning and production.

With this background and knowledge, we also plan exclusive and romantic marriage proposals in Barcelona. From a proposal in one of Barcelona’s hidden treasures to a proposal among the wineyards, Crystal Events infuses every detail with love and luxury.

We value our Couples’ privacy greatly and take the greatest care and discretion while planning every wedding – no matter how big or small. We only post up photos and videos of the Couples who have authorized us to do so. We do not submit our weddings or marriage proposals to 3rd party blogs or magazines nor do we create live Instagram and twitter feed of photos or videos, unless we have specifically been requested to do so by our Clients.

We will plan the wedding that your guests will never forget. So you can sit back, relax and leave the details to us!

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