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Legal requisites for a civil wedding in Spain

If you are thinking of having a Civil Wedding in Spain, it can all seem a bit confusing and rather complicated. Let us point you in the right direction to find out if this is a viable option for your wedding day…

Popular hairstyles inspired by Spanish folklore

Congratulations! You have decided to hold your destination wedding in Spain and you are …

indian hindu wedding barcelona spain
Hindu Wedding in Spain

Barcelona can provide the perfect backdrop to your magical Hindu wedding and is becoming increasingly popular with couples choosing to travel to this stunning city…

Up and coming Spanish wedding gown designers

Your wedding gown is a purchase you will remember for the rest of your life, slipping into THAT dress and knowing it is the one for you is a moment you will never forget.

Top 2015 honeymoon destinations in Spain

Spain is the ideal location for your honeymoon combining world-class hotels, romantic beaches, delicious food and unspoilt scenery.

Barcelona as your wedding destination

Pondering over the idea of a destination wedding? Why not consider the European city of Barcelona?

Top 2015 Wedding Colors

One of the most important things to organize for your wedding is your color scheme. For some couples, this is one of the first things they confirm. However, we are sure many of you are still trying to decide…

Amazing churches of Barcelona

For many when they conjure up an image of the beautiful European city of Barcelona, it’s the spectacular churches that are imprinted on our minds…

Top 2015 Wedding destinations in Spain

Spain has something for everyone: delicious food, beautiful scenery, spectacular architecture, magnificent beaches and a Mediterranean climate which boasts mild winters and glorious summers…

Top 2015 Wedding Themes

One of the first decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding is deciding if you are having a theme…

Forbes: Barcelona Most Stylish Cities

Barcelona, the capital of the Catalonian region in Spain, truly has it all: breathtaking architecture, glorious beaches, hip bars and hotels offering visitors a mix of old-world design and modern sleekness.

Top 2015 Wedding Trends

As the days are starting to get slightly lighter our minds are starting to wander to our favorite time of year-wedding season. So what can we expect to see trending for weddings in 2015?