The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all psychologically, emotionally and physically in one way or another. Many of the things that we took for granted have now become treasured memories. The wedding industry has been deeply impacted, with the future of weddings and how they will take place being the main concern. If you are the Bride or Groom, you are probably asking yourself:  What can I expect on my wedding Day, Post-Covid?

In our blog post: “Destination wedding in Spain: Covid-19” we gave a few insights regarding the planning of your wedding. In this blog article we will discuss your Wedding Day itself.


Modern romantic winter wedding in Barcelona city


Seating Plan: Post Covid -19

Firstly, think about how you will arrange seating, not just for the reception dinner but also for the ceremony. Will you group people together by family, or have social distancing in place and/or with face masks? This may not be in your control, as many venues may already have restrictions and protocols in place that have been government-mandated and must be adhered to.

The “old normal” was grouping together 10-12 people per table, to decrease the costs of floral arrangements and linens and maximize space. However, in the “new normal” we recommend not placing more than 6 people together per table, with social distancing in place, unless they are a family unit.


Gold mirror seating plan with modern calligraphy


Guest flow: Post Covid-19

Consider reducing your guest list to your nearest and dearest. This situation has affected everyone differently, and there may be people in your social circle who have prior health issues that you are unaware of. Be understanding of those guests who do not attend, and provide them with an option to attend remotely. Perhaps your grandmother, at another time, would have been the first one on a plane to be a part of your Big Day, but is now wary of travelling. Giving guests the option of attending remotely, via a live stream video for example, will not only make them feel a part of your Day but will also let them know that you understand that these are exceptional times and do not hold it against them.


Dinner Service: Post Covid-19

Will you opt for a plated service, with each guest being served by a waiter or will you prefer a more informal approach? Discuss the various options with your caterer and ensure that they have safety measures in place such as disposable gloves and face masks. Ensure that the caterer can adhere to a plan so that your guests feel comfortable during the dinner service and throughout the reception.

Beautiful outdoor recption at Castell de Sant Marçal

Beautiful outdoor recption at Castell de Sant Marçal


Party time: Covid-19

In all honesty, it will be very difficult to come up with a social distancing plan for the party – so you need to get creative! Perhaps a few of the older guests will want to leave after dinner, so that will reduce your headcount by a bit. But assuming that everyone wants to party ‘till the sun comes up, we recommend having a larger dance floor than usual per guest, with at least 1,5m2 per guest. It may not be necessary to place floor markings, but it is highly recommended. And, most important of all, if your venue has an outdoor area for dancing – use it! This will make things easier on you, planning-wise, and will make guests feel a lot more comfortable.

Hindu wedding by the sea in Sitges

Fun Party at Casa del Mar, Sitges!

And what about the bar service itself? Discuss the bar service with your provider and review specific details together such as: the size of the table, how many bartenders will be behind the bar, what the social distancing protocol will be…A great idea is having floor markings, as in stores, with a minimum social distance that each guest will need to adhere to. Having additional bars placed throughout the party area will also help in keeping the lines down. You can also opt to have waiters walk around and serve guests wine and beer and limit the bar service to hard liquor only. Discussing the options with your provider will help to have a good experience on the day and make everyone feel at ease.

Bar service at Castell de Sant Marçal

Bar service at Castell de Sant Marçal

Other things to think about:

Hand sanitizer stations:

Consider placing hand sanitizer stations throughout the wedding venue and in bathrooms, hallways, etc. Ensure that your venue includes extra hand soap and towelettes in the bathrooms to make your guests feel safer.

Digitalize your stationery:

Wedding ceremony programs, thank you notes, guestbook…the list goes on and on. You don’t have to sacrifice beautiful, customized wedding day stationery – just digitalize it! Provide your guests with a link or QR code where they can access the ceremony program, menu card, seating card, etc.; not only will you avoid having lots of hands touching these items, you will save a bunch of money  on printers as well!

Lastly, have a final meeting with all of your wedding day providers before the wedding. Discuss the safety protocols that they will have in place and how they will address any issues that arise on the day itself. How will the venue handle a guest who is unwilling to maintain social distancing? Will the photographer ask guests to remove their masks for photos? Brainstorming, together with your wedding day providers, will assist in ensuring that your wedding day is seamless and absolutely perfect. Remember – this is also new for the wedding industry and we are all learning on a day-to-day basis. We are in this together!

Any questions regarding your wedding day? Are there any concerns that we haven’t addressed in these articles? Contact us! We will be delighted to schedule an initial consultation, free of charge, and discuss your wedding day and how we can help you make it a memorable, enjoyable experience for all.