Costa Brava, the coastal region of northeastern Spain, is a place that you absolutely must visit some time during your life due to its “moderate climate, beautiful beaches, and charming towns”, as described by the National Geographic.



In fact, in 2012 the National Geographic included Costa Brava on its “Best Trips 2012” list, awarding it “Best of the World 2012”. Costa Brava is the perfect destination for beach lovers, it contains many historical elements including both art and architecture, it consists of a multitude of diverse towns, and a variety of delicious food that is sure to please. Costa Brava can appeal to an abundance of people due to all it has to offer.


The National Geographic notes many of Costa Brava’s top tourist attractions which led up to its award. First being Tossa de Mar, an archaic village with a great deal of history within it. Currently it is now a huge tourist attraction that allows for a symbolic visit to the Costa Brava area. Also included is El Cellar de Can Roca, a family oriented, creative Catalan eatery that was named the Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant Magazine in 2013. Along with these it is also home to Pals, a medieval town with its own castle, a gothic quarter, and cobbled streets. Salvador Dali’s theatre and museum are also located in his hometown of Figueres, Spain, allowing a very surrealistic visit for guests. Furthermore, there is also the beautiful Girona, Sant Feliu de Guixols, and countless other attractions that will lend a very fulfilling experience to any tourist.


Not only does Costa Brava offer unlimited tourist attractions, it also provides a great deal of culture and a fun, liberated, relaxed environment that is perfect for bettering mind, body and soul. It is the perfect area to show you a little taste of Spain and Spanish society. Costa Brava should be high on your list of places to visit. From beaches, ancient towns, and historic museums to being the location of the “Best Restaurant in the World,” El Cellar de Can Roca, the coastal region of northeastern Spain has plenty of adventure to offer. It can offer such a wide variety of activities, with such personal experiences that each individual can leave with a very different outtake from their time in Spain. It is clear why the National Geographic named Costa Brava “Best of the World 2012.”

Photo credits: National Geographic, El celler de Can Roca, Educational travel, Costa Brava hometime, Hotel Acapulco Lloret, Pinterest, Travel department, Trip Advisor.