The idea of a destination wedding in Spain is tempting for many, but the majority of Couples are hesitant to take such a big step in a foreign country: at times, it’s due to family pressure, other times, due to risk management and there are even times when a Couple decides to forego their dream destination wedding because they are simply worried about not knowing the language or the culture. And now, if we add COVID-19 into the mix, the fears are even greater. What do you need to consider before deciding on having a destination wedding in Spain: Covid-19?

Beautiful Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, Spain


Travelling to Spain: Covid-19

Spain is, in fact, a safe place to travel to, with numerous restrictions and protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of both tourists and locals. The region of Catalonia, for example, has implemented strict tracking protocols to locate and contain all possible COVID cases. These are just a few of the other measures that are in effect to safeguard against new outbreaks of infectious or contagious disease:

  • The mandatory use of face masks, both indoors (in public spaces) and outdoors.
  • Heightened cleansing and disinfecting frequency, using antiviral products.
  • Disinfectant hand gel available in all public establishments, public transport and businesses open to the public.
  • Social distancing of minimum 1.5 meters (5 feet).
  • And many others, specific to each industry and activity.

To travel to Spain, you will need to fill out a Sanitary Control Form (FCS form), which you can access here.

Upon arrival in Spain, you will undergo a health assessment, which includes a temperature check and visual health check.


First look at botanical garden by the sea, Costa Brava


Guest list: Covid-19

Consider reducing your guest list to your nearest and dearest. This situation has affected everyone differently, and there may be people in your social circle who have prior health issues that you are unaware of. Be understanding of those guests who do not attend, and provide them with an option to attend remotely. Perhaps your grandmother, at another time, would have been the first one on a plane to be a part of your Big Day, but is now wary of travelling. Giving guests the option of attending remotely, via a live stream video for example, will not only make them feel a part of your Day but will also let them know that you understand that these are exceptional times and do not hold it against them.


Why not consider an intimate villa for your destination wedding in Spain?


Accommodation: Covid-19

Accommodations – Book your accommodations at a location that have been certified as safe by the ICTE. The Spanish Institute of Quality Tourism, aka ICTE, has created a “Safe Tourism” Certificate which comprises a health risk prevention system against COVID-19. The hotels or venues that boast this seal guarantees it has been independently audited by AENOR based on the protocols established by the Spanish Ministry of Health and has been approved as safe for tourists. More info here.

Beauitful Patio at H10 Casa Mimosa

Beauitful Patio at H10 Casa Mimosa, Barcelona


Wedding insurance: Covid-19

Insurance is always recommended, but in light of the current pandemic, is has become indispensable. For a destination wedding specifically, ensure that your wedding insurance not only covers the basics (wedding cancellation or postponement, for example), but also the following concepts:

  • If your ceremony of wedding venue is unable to hold your wedding due to an outbreak
  • If the venue is closed by the Spanish authorities
  • If there is a death or sickness of a member of your wedding party (Best Man, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, etc…), of a close relative or of the Bride or Groom, that would make travel to Spain impossible
  • If your country restricts travel to Spain

Castell de Sant Marçal

Beautiful venue for a destination wedding in Spain, Castell de Sant Marçal.

Now, if your dream wedding on the Mediterranean has been a lifelong dream of yours and you just won’t give up on your dream, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you! Not only are flights at an all-time low, but you will be able to negotiate great deals with wedding suppliers that are itching to work on their next destination wedding.

Do you have any questions or are you still having trouble deciding on whether to stay local or have a destination wedding in Spain? Contact us anytime! We will be happy to schedule an initial consultation and discuss all things wedding, travel and COVID-related, so that you can make the best decision for your start as a new family.