When planning your wedding it is important to decide on a theme and/or a color scheme in order to ensure you have some sort of organization and your big day doesn’t look like an array of finger painting. Many brides like to elect for something that is very trendy yet will remain timeless. Here we have compiled this year’s biggest trends in color and theme.



Wedding themes 2014:

Vintage – Vintage inspired weddings will remain popular for 2014. It is a timeless vision that in twenty years will still be trendy. If you elect for a vintage theme it is easy to incorporate other trends. Soft pinks, neutrals, elegance and old glamour can be combined to create a very in the now wedding for this year.

Rustic – Rustic themes are very in this year. The entire idea of a nature focused, country inspired, outdoorsy filled wedding is very laid back and still very fun. Brides usually envision flower crowns, woodland décor, and a natural color scheme filled with greens and browns.

Elegance and Glamour – Another everlasting theme that as traveled through decades upon decades is an over the top event completely glamorized. By this expect it to be a black tie affair with gorgeous, outrageous center pieces and décor. This can be either an old glamour more vintage-like occasion or a more up to date celebration. The choice is yours.

Unplugged Weddings – Only getting increasingly popular is the unplugged wedding. By this guests are supposed to be completely present at the wedding, no social networking or electronics. The bride and groom may want your full attention or they may just not want you posting their big day all over the internet. Whatever the case may be, cell phone checks are becoming more and more frequent at nuptials.

Super Charged Weddings – The polar opposite of the unplugged wedding would be the super charged wedding, both currently equally popular. These types of ceremonies encourage guests to partake in social media and photography, anything to capture every moment. They often include photo booths, their own hash tags, and charging stations in order to rejoice.



Wedding couple with a pink roses bouquet

Wedding colors 2014:

Radiant Orchid – As Pantone’s “color of the year” it is sure to be a huge hit with weddings as bride’s often look to Pantone for inspiration. With its funky, fun flair it can be used with neutrals to brighten up a theme or simply used alone for a bolder bride.


Soft Pinks – According to many, pink is back! In terms of weddings it is best to select nudes, blushes, and peach tones. We suggest you stray from pepto-bismol pink, Barbie pink, and any other fluorescent pink shades. Soft pinks create an elegant look that even twenty years from now will still be acceptable.



Pink dress / flowers / lights / decor

Pink dress / flowers / lights / decor

Black – This year many brides are opting for a highly elegant, yet sophisticated wedding theme so of course black is only getting increasingly popular. Black and white is such a simple, yet powerful duo you really cannot go wrong.

Black and white colors

Black and white colors

Gold – Whether it be yellow gold, pale gold, white gold, or rose gold, gold is in this wedding season. However, it is meant to be used as an accent color simply to add a touch of sparkle and shine. When craving a more glamorous ambience on your big day use small tokens of gold to make everything pop and become more prominent.

Gold color

Gold color


Neutrals – Neutral colors will forever be in. They’re so classic it is hard to go wrong with a color scheme including blacks, whites, grays, nudes, and pale pinks. By sticking to a neutral palette it creates such a sophisticated look that can be used for those brides who elect to have a simpler feel on their big day.


Wedding tables with neutral colors

Overall, your wedding should be a representation of you and your future husband. When organizing your color scheme and theme be sure they are you, that is essential since the entire focus of the whole event is you and your fiancé. Trends change as often as the seasons. Yes chic is encouraged; however your own tastes and preferences should definitely hold a higher priority. Be sure to individualize your wedding by picking and choosing what trends you like and ditching those you do not.

Purple / blue wedding flowers

Purple / blue wedding flowers