Currently, many couples are electing to have a more eco-friendly wedding in order to preserve the earth. It is becoming increasingly popular as we are realizing just how wasteful conventional weddings can be. Here we have collected a few of the best suggestions in order to assist you in planning your green wedding.


When deciding whether or not you want to have a green wedding, venue is very important because it can set the tone of the wedding. If you decide to have a more eco-friendly ceremony, aim to have an outdoors wedding. In addition, pick a venue that will be suitable for both the ceremony and the reception in order to minimize traveling. If you simply cannot work with an outdoors setting, pick a place that will donate your deposit to a good cause. In order to still keep it green look for a place that gets a good amount of natural light and opt for a daytime wedding so not much electricity is used.


After the venue, a menu can be prepared. Keep the menu as organic as possible, if that’s too difficult at least aim for in season and locally grown food. By using locally harvested stuff you will minimize traveling and support your neighborhood markets.

A huge dilemma when planning your green wedding are the invitations, RSVPs, etc. We suggest you use only recycled material and send out one small, minimalist invite with just the basic information. To keep your guests properly informed create a web page that will provide all the details. This way you cut down the use of paper yet still keep your guests up to date with all the plans.


Almost the biggest predicament for a green bride is how to handle the wedding gown situation. A very traditional route would be to reuse a dress, perhaps your mother or grandmother´s, and have a seamstress make it perfect for your big day. If you cannot even imagine it there are nice alternatives such as eco-couture gowns that use all recycled and natural materials. This way you are getting the dress of your dreams and still preserving the environment. It´s a win win.


When it comes to picking your rings, find a green jeweler. As going green is only increasing in popularity you can easily find a jeweler who uses recycled gold and stones. Another idea would be to use an antique ring, a family stone, or even a family emblem. Be creative, there are many alternatives to the traditional bands.


In terms of flower arrangements and center pieces, use in season and locally grown flowers or elect for none at all. When using a flower that isn’t in season it has to be imported and traveling is maximized. By opting for a local florist transportation is limited and energy is saved. Another makeshift would be fake flowers, they can be prepared to be just as pretty and you can reuse them later. Additionally, use items that can be reused in your home. Candles can provide a very romantic touch and can in turn be reused and recycled.


Remember, when planning your wedding it is important that it works for you and your partner. You can go as green in only one or two ways or you can be one hundred percent eco-friendly, figure out what tips are going to work for your big day and which you simply cannot see fitting in. Going green in any way, big or small, makes an impact on the planet.

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Photographer: Veronica Hansen Photography