Barcelona, Spain is such an intriguing city. Not only is it home to gorgeous beaches, beautiful weather, and historical monuments, it also boasts magnificent, archaic buildings full of history and charm. Once you’ve got your heart set on a Barcelona wedding, the next step would be picking the perfect venue for your big day. The province of Barcelona offers such a variety of venues such as masias, castles, palaces, gothic merchant palaces, villas, and vineyards.

Ceremony at majestic Castel de Sant Marçal

Ceremony at majestic Castel de Sant Marçal

A masia is a typical Catalan farmhouse that is usually quite big in size and isolated for the most part. Depending on when it was built it is usually made from stone, mud, quicklime, or cement. They contain many of the characteristics of archaic architecture such as rounded or lintel entrances, wooden beams, a two story floor plan for living quarters and the farming tasks. Currently, many have been renovated into rustic venues for special events or even bed and breakfasts. Though they have been updated with modern time, masias still contain the same antique charm and rustic atmosphere.


Couple at Xalet del Nin

Dreamy venue with views of the Mediterranean sea.

Barcelona contains many of the most majestic castles, however unlike many of the castles in other European areas they are more fortress like. For example, Montjuïc started as a fort made of stone and mud before becoming a castle. Typically, Catalonian castles aren’t about glamour, they were more used as military implements and have intense history within their barriers. Although they’re not your standard castle, Barcelona still features many of the most striking castles because of its unusual history and glorious Catalonian Romanesque architecture.

Winter ceremony at La Torre del Lleons, Barcelona

Winter ceremony in historic venue close to Barcelona

Palaces in Barcelona tend to exhibit a classier appeal as they’re inspired by the Spanish Renaissance. They’re also very grand in size, and many are used as art museums. They have been preserved through time and carry the antiquated essence and charm of ancient times. In addition to these palaces, there are also merchant’s palaces in the gothic quarter.

Intimate ceremony in the Barrio Gótico, Barcelona

Intimate ceremony in the Barrio Gótico, Barcelona


Villas are also popular venues around Barcelona and if you happen to be seeking a more modern setting this would be perfect. A villa is basically a country house that is fairly upper class and well taken care of, it can be one huge house for one family or it can contain many accommodations for multiple families. They present a very homey and comfortable environment.

Lastly, vineyards are another stunning location Barcelona has to offer. Of course there is the beautiful outdoors aspect, but there are also lovely setups within the buildings and cellars. A romantic setting with the aroma of fresh oak and delicious grapes can be found within, as well as a decadent selection of wines. As well as hosting your wedding, most vineyards offer tours and wine tasting to fully experience the location.

Wedding Venue La Baronia

Gorgeous view of the balcony at the historic venue at La Baronia

Of course there all plenty of unique settings Barcelona has to offer, in addition to all of these a more traditional route is always possible. Barcelona also contains many hotels, restaurants, and event halls that can host your big event. What really matters is that you and your fiancé find a venue that suits exactly what you’re envisioning for your big day whether it be a mystical castle or a splendid hotel.


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Photo credits: Andrea Ferrara Photography & Dennis Roy Coronel Photography