Picking a Venue might be frustrating if you don’t have the right tools and correct questions to ask when you are visiting the different venues that you have chosen. Here is a list of important tips that will help your venue search and help you decide which venue is right for your wedding. 

castell tamarit-cocktail hour

Cocktail hour at historic Castle close to Barcelona!

1. The most obvious is to see the venue for yourself, sometimes pictures make a venue look different from what it actually looks like. 

Having your wedding at a venue with a beautiful exterior doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to like the interiors

When you arrive at the venue, make sure you ask the questions that are most important to you, for example:

  • Does this venue cater to more than 1 wedding at a time, or will your wedding be the only event going on that day?
  • Is there a bridal suite for you to utilize? If so, can you get ready there?
  • How many guests does the venue hold? Usually, you have to guarantee a number of guests; if this is the case, is this number realistic for you?
  • How many hours is the venue available for you? 
  • Can you use any provider, or does the venue work with exclusive providers?
  • If you are looking to have an outdoor wedding, what is the backup plan in case it rains, do they have an indoor area as well?
  • What is included in the price and how much will extras cost?

2. After you have asked all the basic questions, take a good look at the area that the reception and/or ceremony will be held at. Do you love one room but not very convinced with the other? Does it fit with your theme? 

Outdoor ceremony at La Baronia

Outdoor ceremony in beautiful courtyard

3. Does your partner love the venue as much as you do? If you both have your heart set on different venues, write a list of pros and cons of each one and discuss them.

Luxurious reception at Finca Mas Solers

Luxurious reception at Finca Mas Solers

4. Once you have gone home, look over your notes of every venue – does one stand out more than the others? Is the price realistic, and reasonable for your budget?

Here are various venues that our Couples love and have found to be perfect for their magical wedding:

Hindu wedding by the sea in Sitges

Hindu destination wedding at Finca Mas Solers

Modernist Weddin Venue Xalet del Nin

Modernist Weddin Venue Xalet del Nin

Hindu-Jewish wedding in a historic Convent by the sea

Hindu-Jewish destination wedding

5. Most important of all, don’t forget to listen to your instinct!!! Did your heart skip a beat when you walked in to a certain venue? Sometimes what you envision isn’t what you love.

Make sure you write your list of questions before you visit the venues so you don’t get distracted and forget to ask the most important questions! Being prepared makes venue searching less stressful, so you have more time for other wedding related tasks. 

Happy Venue Hunting!!