As you begin to plan your big day you´ll realize just how many overdone, cliché traditions there actually are when it comes to weddings. From the overused array of song choices, to the awkward sand unity ceremonies, and the abundance of tiaras and too much pink these traditions are very easy to fall into.

We suggest to avoid them you first must become aware of them. Do the proper research; know which traditions are worth keeping around such as being escorted down the aisle and which can be done away with like the whole smashing wedding cake into each other’s faces fiasco. Once you´ve identified these cliché characteristics decide which fit your style and which simply would only be a part of your wedding because it is tradition.


Every bride loves following the typical wedding skeleton. We all want our big day to amount to exactly what we have imagined, it´s like a rite of passage. However, not every custom is a good attribute. As we evolve it is okay to do away with the typical and make your day more unique, more modern, and more you. The most important thing about your wedding day is that it represents you and your partner one hundred percent. Don´t fall into the concept of trying to create the ideal wedding, instead try to create a wedding that is memorable because it stood apart and was completely your own style. 


Of course many customs are passed along for a reason, they´re good ones. So don’t be afraid to have your father walk you down the aisle, have a synchronized bridal party dance, or even the ever cliché photo of your wedding dress hanging in the window. If it fits you and you like it, DO IT.


On the other hand, if you don’t feel a custom fits you and your new husband, don’t do it. A tradition that has been passed down for years and years is the skeptics of the groom seeing the bride before the wedding. Many modern couples have actually started to break that rule and the resulting photos are breathtaking. If you feel you and your partner deserve a more personal first sighting, do it. Don’t feel pressured to have a ring bearer and flower girl if that’s not how you envision your ceremony. You don’t have to do something just because every other wedding has it.


What it all comes down to is what fits you and your partner. There are tons of millions of thousands wedding clichés and traditions. They all have their pros and cons and ultimately it is about making your nuptials a personal reflection of your relationship, so if one fits use it if one doesn’t don’t. 

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Photographer credits: Carolina Sainz Photographer