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Today I’m going to give you a few useful tips to help you stay sane while planning your wedding.

We’ve all heard horror stories about Brides who have been so overwhelmed, so anxious and so stressed out about planning their wedding that when the day of the wedding finally does arrive, they don’t really enjoy it that much. What can you do to avoid being swept up into this craziness? Today I’m going to share with you a few tips to help you stay sane AND plan your wedding at the same time.

1. Set your limits

First of all, be sure to set your limits. Know that you won’t be able to control everything. For example, inclement weather, the Priest arriving late because he’s stuck in a traffic jam, a drunken Uncle giving an embarrassing speech about you during the reception – these are all just a few of the things that can happen spontaneously on your wedding day, and you won’t be able to control, no matter how hard you try.

Be clear about what you are willing to forego control of from the moment that you get engaged and I guarantee that you will feel much better while you are planning your wedding.

2. Take nights off 

Also, be sure to take some nights off from planning your wedding. Many Brides take on planning their wedding as another full-time job, devoting all of their personal time and energy to doing wedding planning tasks. Make sure that you take at least one night a week off to spend some quality time with your fiancé, with your close friends or both and make sure that you don’t talk about the wedding that night AT ALL. Take your time off from planning the wedding – even if it’s just talking about it – and I guarantee, you’ll feel like a normal person again.

3. Delegate

Make sure that you delegate to your support system. Whether you hire a wedding planner or whether you have a great set of friends, everybody’s willing to help out, so make sure that you involve them in the tasks that you need help with.

Make sure that you involve your fiancé in planning the wedding as well. If he’s good with food, or he’s good choosing wine or he’s great at creating playlists, make sure that you delegate tasks to him so that he can also be a part of planning the wedding. He is, in fact, the other person getting married, so it’s great if he’s a part of it.

Also make sure that you take time off and delegate tasks to your bridesmaids, for example, or close family members to do the things that you don’t have to be there to do. For example, I’m sure you’re going to feel much better getting a much-needed massage rather than spending the night stuffing envelopes – so don’t be shy and ask for help.

4. Enjoy the little things

Make sure that you enjoy the little things. I mean, you are getting married, so you’re not just planning any random party. Make sure that you enjoy all the little things that you do with your fiancé leading up to the wedding. Make sure that you guys treasure those moments, after all, these moments will set the tone for your marriage!

5. Enjoy your wedding day

And lastly, and most importantly, make sure that you enjoy your wedding day. Make a vow to yourself on the morning of your wedding to enjoy that day to the fullest.

Savor every moment – from the time that you get up and go to the hair salon with your bridesmaids, to the moment that you get in the car and your father gives you a few pearls of wisdom about being married to the moment that your fiancé sees you for the first time as you’re walking down the aisle – make sure that you remember those things, that you keep those treasured in your memory because, after all, these will be the things that you will remember for years to come, and not so much whether the table centerpieces had white flowers or cream flowers.

So, make sure that you enjoy the months of your engagement, enjoy wedding planning from now until the moment of your wedding and make sure that you savor every minute of your wedding day.

Thank you so much for watching and tune in next week for more tips on planning your wedding. Thank you, bye-bye!