Once your date is set the exciting and chaotic process of actually planning your wedding begins. A million and one decisions must be made, one of them being your reception décor. This can be an exhausting process as there are endless options, unlimited amounts of chic ideas, and all sorts of ways to arrange your celebration. With these three suggestions picking the perfect decorations for your soiree will be a breeze. Here are some tips to choosing your reception décor:


1. Stick to your wedding theme.
If you’ve chosen blush pink with gold accents, aiming for a romantic, elegant ambience continue that with your reception. Choose your décor accordingly; candles, pink rose petals, and soft touches that only enhance the amorous feel will keep your nuptials well rounded and sophisticated. If you’ve opted for a livelier beach inspired wedding with gorgeous blue and striking coral tones, pick décor that’s going to play up the fun-loving atmosphere such as sea shells and bright flower arrangements. The same follows for any theme, the key to a gorgeous event is to be consistent in order to get your vision across.


2. Keep the location of your wedding in mind.
Don’t pick a rustic location then try to transform it into a more modern, chic environment. It’s best to choose a location and décor that flows nicely together and only compliments each other. If your décor and overall theme is more important to you than your venue then find a place that is going to suit your idea best. On the other hand, if the setting of your wedding holds a higher place on the list of priorities then pick a venue and work with a theme that’s going to suit it respectively. Many locations are very versatile and allow for a multitude of creativity, just be sure both your location and your décor flatter one another. 


3. When choosing your reception décor every bride wants it to be trendy, but it is most important that it is also very you.
Your entire wedding, from the color scheme to the flavor of the wedding cake, should be a representation of you and your fiancé because that is what the celebration is all about. Yes we encourage you to have a chic wedding that incorporates today’s customs, but don’t get too sidetracked by the latest trends because trends fade, however your personal style will not. A wedding that encompasses you and your partner perfectly will be timeless as it is a depiction of you and your everlasting love.


Evidently, when picking your reception décor it should be simple. Choose what is going to highlight your wedding and add beautiful detail. Don’t over think your decisions, just make sure you have a vision and a focus so everything is harmonious. Most important, make sure it portrays you and your husband-to-be because you two are the ultimate focal point.