Presently, destination weddings are becoming more common amongst today´s brides and grooms. They offer many pros and cons, and depending on the type of wedding you´re dreaming of it may be perfect for you.


Destination weddings offer a more simplistic environment, usually less expensive, and it can be made into a vacation for both you and those attending. However, planning your dream wedding from abroad can be a struggle in addition to the extra expenses it levies onto your guests. The traditional wedding may be more suitable for a more hands on bride wanting to fully aid in planning a bigger ceremony with all her extended friends and family, although it can be much more costly.

One of the first decisions when starting to plan your big day should be what type of wedding you want. Currently, destination weddings have been increasingly popular amongst couples who wish to have smaller, more intimate ceremonies. Of course, there is still the timeless traditional wedding that takes place locally. There are many pros and cons to each.


Destination wedding


-The celebration is lengthier. Typically it lasts a few days rather than just a few hours since guests are traveling just to attend your special day.

-Since you´re already traveling it is very easy to combine your honeymoon with the actual wedding by just extending your stay. It eases costs and stress as you´re killing two birds with one stone essentially.

-Because it can become very costly for guests to travel to the destination, your guest list is very likely to be much smaller. This leads to a smaller reception, lower costs for you, and an overall more intimate ceremony due to the fact that only very close friends and family are likely to attend.


– Although you may personally end up spending less than you would on a local wedding, guests tend to spend more so some loved ones may not be able to take part in the celebration.

– Planning from away can be very difficult, especially for the hands on, visual bride.

– Depending on the location, you may entail on some legal difficulties when applying for a marriage license or passports.


Traditional wedding


– Because it will be held locally, more guests are able to attend so you will be accompanied by more support as you take this big step in life.

– Planning the event will be more easeful as you´re local.

– It may be more memorable and emotional taking place somewhere dear to your heart such as your hometown.


– Because you´ll be hosting more guests you´ll most likely be having an overall bigger ceremony that will cost more.

– You may elect for a traditional wedding out of guilt from your guests.

As you can see, both weddings have their perks. It really depends on your and the grooms personal preferences. When deciding, be sure the choice is yours because you two are the ones that are going to hold this moment with you forever.

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