Barcelona, Spain is gorgeous, with its endless beaches, mostly sunny weather, and down-to-earth culture – it really is a fantastic place to be. Not only is it rumored to be one of the world’s greatest places, there is actually research behind it. Over the last few years it has appeared on multiple Forbes’ lists proving that it is a top-notch city with many wonderful, diverse aspects about it. 


According to Forbes, Barcelona is the third happiest city to live in. It is an amazing place to live because of the culture, great schooling systems, and the beautiful weather. The atmosphere in Barcelona is very friendly and lively, making it a fun and enjoyable place to be. As it is filled with many smaller businesses you’ll see a closeness throughout the city as you become familiar with employees at your local bakery, supermarket, and other smaller establishments. It is filled with stunning beaches, an energetic nightlife, cultural activities and so many historical monuments it really makes for a well-rounded, striking city.


In addition, Barcelona also made Forbes’ Most Stylish Cities list as number six. However, unlike many of those amongst the list that are well known for their fashion, Barcelona topped the charts due to its architectural design. Barcelona is world-renowned for its architecture, mainly Antoni Gaudí. His amazing, wild, complex buildings and gardens – such as La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, to name a few – have consistently continued to captivate people from all over the world. As well as Gaudí’s work, it has plenty more beauty to be seen through its design and historic monuments such as cathedrals, archaic structures, and the ever enchanting gothic quarter. 


Barcelona has also been ranked number ten on Forbes’ Most Visited Cities. It’s no wonder people are drawn to the magnificent Catalan Capital due to its high spirited ambiance and attention grabbing architecture. It really is such an alluring city as it contains so much culture, design, history and beautiful outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach, a lively nightlife experience, or to be wowed by Gaudí’s intricate work there is something for everyone in the lovely Barcelona.


Overall, Barcelona has so many fascinating characteristics it is easy to see why it has made so many lists amongst Forbes. It has so many diverse aspects that can easily appeal to many types of people making it an easy place to be in. No matter what your interests include it is almost impossible to not find something that catches your attention. Be it art, historical monuments, beaches, or nature; Barcelona has it all. Check out our blog post on Barcelona Wedding Venues